Greatest Show on Earth!

        Once again we were very fortunate avoiding the rain problems that many other 

parades faced. The weather was perfect and i feel that the parade was a tremendous success. 

        We are ready to begin plans for the upcoming 2014-2015 Mardi gras season. 

We have chosen a theme and work commence on the floats in the next two weeks

​We are presently entertaining nominations for maids and court members, and if you 

or any of your family members are interested in being presented as a maid, junior maid, or Junior Duke, please feel free to contact me directly so that arrangements

can be made now.

        This year we had 26 floats and 15 marching bands we would hope to exceed 

that next year and we can do so with your cooperation. All we need is for each member in our club to recruit one new member, and that would double our number and thereby enable us to present 30 floats next year.

        In the interim, should you have any questions with regard to your membership in the Corps de Napoleon please feel free to contact me at your convenience.



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Participating in an authentic mardi gras parade is a surreal experience. When the tractors first start their engines and the marching bands begin playing their tunes, it is impossible to prevent the tingling down your spine.

But it gets even better, as you exit the formation area and you see and hear the roar of the crowd as they wave their hands for the coveted baubles that you have procured for what is known on the world as "The greatest show on Earth!"